Joomla 1.0.12 to 1.0.15 Stable-Patch
Saturday, 21 July 2007

Patch zum Update von Joomla 1.0.12 auf Version 1.0.15. Enthalten sind nur die geänderten Dateien. Zur Installation alle vorhandenen Dateien durch die Neuen ersetzen. Vorher sollte sicherheitshalber ein Backup durchgeführt werden

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Dateititel:Joomla 1.0.12 to 1.0.15 Stable-Patch
Dateiversion:1.0.12 to 1.0.15
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21-Jul-2007 Robin Muilwijk
  •  ^ (version.php) preparation for release
18-Jul-2007 Rob Schley
  • # Fixed admin session problems with immediate logout after login.
  • # Fixed a few misc. bugs.
11-Jul-2007 Sam Moffatt
  •  ^ Removed assumption that a group exists for a user (may not actually be true)
04-Jul-2007 Rob Schley
  •  # Fixed a bug in the administrator login system that prevented users from logging in
02-Jul-2007 Rob Schley
  •  * SECURITY A6 [LOW Level]: Fixed [#5630] HRS attack on variable "url"
  • * SECURITY A1 [LOW Level]: Fixed [#5654] Multiple fields subjected to cross-site scripting vulnerabilities
  • * SECURITY A7 [LOW Level]: Fixed possible session fixation vulnerability in administrator application
29-Jun-2007 Louis Landry
  •  ^ Hardened password storage mechanism to use a random salt
  • ! Remember Me cookies will be invalid and require a re-login
20-May-2007 Rob Schley
  •  # Fixed key reference lookups to match whole results only
  • # Fixed two help screen naming issues.
  • ^ Changed RG_EMULATION warning message to refer to Global Configuration Setting
17-May-2007 Rob Schley
  •  ^ Moved register globals emulation controls into Global Configuration
15-May-2007 Rob Schley
  •  # Fixed [topic,170296] : Typos in Search Mambot configurations
14-May-2007 Rob Schley
  •  # Fixed [topic,153233] : "Mail to Friend" parameter checks not checking content item setings
  • # Fixed [topic,126371] : IE7 left align problem
  • # Fixed [topic,167745] : Added JavaScript alert for empty category title
28-Apr-2007 Rob Schley
  • ^ Changed cookie naming conventions to not break when using HTTPS
  • # Fixed [topic,156116] : Optimzed queries for menu creation to improve performance.
  • * SECURITY A4 [ LOW Level ]: XSS issue in com_search and com_content
  • * SECURITY A4 [ LOW Level ]: XSS vulnerability in mod_login
16-Apr-2007 Enno Klasing
  •  # Re-enabled Itemid behaviour of 1.0.11 (optional, default is behaviour of 1.0.12)
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