Joomla 1.0.4 to 1.0.13 Stable-Patch
Saturday, 24 December 2005

Patch zum Update von Joomla 1.0.4 auf Version 1.0.13. Enthalten sind nur die geänderten Dateien. Zur Installation alle vorhandenen Dateien durch die Neuen ersetzen. Vorher sollte sicherheitshalber ein Backup durchgeführt werden.

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Dateititel:Joomla 1.0.4 to 1.0.13 Stable-Patch
Dateiversion:1.04 to 1.0.13 Stable
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---------------- 1.0.5 Released -- [24-Dez-2005 10:00 UTC] ------------------

21-Dec-2005 Andrew Eddie

# Fixed slow query in com_content (Author text in a content item is now set to Written By)

# Fixed bug in backend poll entry with ' is in option name

# Fixed bug where content modified date is not updated on a bluck publish/archive operation

+ Added TEMPLATEURL to patTemplate preloaded variables

^ patTemplate Translate now recognises 1.0 version language constants

20-Dec-2005 Emir Sakic

# Fixed artf2432 : Apostrophe in paths isn't escaped properly

20-Dec-2005 Johan Janssens

# Fixed artf2389 : gzip compression not operational

# Fixed artf2599 : loosing Itemid afet submitting "ask for new password"

# Fixed artf1712 : Search Mambots return duplicate results

# Fixed artf2534 : Template chooser no longer able to manage SEF urls / XHTML validation

# Fixed artf1410 : 'Special' access menu locks out 'public' menu's articles "read more" content

# Fixed artf2595 : Deleted "mass mail" item menu in component menu

# Fixed artf2518 : mod_latestnews problem

# Fixed artf2591 : mosMakePath problem with mkdir on strato

# Fixed artf2665 : Most Read module generates incorrect class for <li> statement

# Fixed artf2666 : Pagination Error in Category Manager

# Fixed artf2407 : parameter type=mos_category show only "- Select Content Category -"

16-Dec-2005 Andy Miller

# Fixed mod_whosonline not rendering list properly

07-Dec-2005 Andrew Eddie

+ Added database::getAffectedRows to db connectors

10-Dec-2005 Emir Sakic

# Fixed artf2517 : "Cancel" the editing of content after "apply" not possible

09-Dec-2005 Emir Sakic

# Fixed artf2324 : SEF for components assumes option is always first part of query

# Fixed artf1955 : Search results bug

07-Dec-2005 Andrew Eddie

# Fixed unitialised array in mosHTML::MenuSelect method

+ Added mosBackTrace debugging function

# Fixed bug in mosDBTable::load where null table values don't overwrite properly

07-Dec-2005 Johan Janssens

# Fixed artf2430 : invalid values in tabpane.css

# Fixed artf2457 : VCard bug IS a bug

# Fixed artf2218 : RSS Newsfeed module generates wrong rendering output

# Fixed artf2453 : Random Image Module

# Fixed artf2251 : Poll title error

# Fixed artf2393 : Original editor cannot open content item if checked out

# Fixed artf2323 : overlib_hideform_mini.js parse error

# Fixed artf2248 : Incorrect hits count on multipage articles

# Fixed artf2342 : getBlogCategoryCount

# Fixed artf2464 : Contacts Component image path error

# Fixed artf2404 : Contact detail html bug

^ Replaced install.png with transparent image - contributed by joomlashack

# Fixed artf2245 : RSS not showing enclosure tags

# Fixed artf2247 : RSS newsfeed on Frontend missing link

# Fixed bug in Domit lite parser

# Fixed mosMail() is missing "ReplyTo:" field to avoid anti-spam rules (SPF)

# Fixed Small typo in mosBindArrayToObject

06-Dec-2005 Alex Kempkens

# Fixed artf2434: Typo in database.php checkout function line 1050

# Fixed artf2398 : Parameter Text Area field name

06-Dec-2005 Johan Janssens

# Fixed artf2418 : Banners Client Manager Next Page Issue: Joomla 1.04

# Fixed artf2156 : memory exhastion error in joomla.xml.php

# Fixed artf2378 : mosCommonHTML::CheckedOutProcessing not checking if the current user

has checked out the document

# Fixed artf1948 : Pagination problem still exists

^ Upgraded TinyMCE Compressor [1.0.4]

^ Upgraded TinyMCE [2.0.1]

01-Dec-2005 Andrew Eddie

# Fixed nullDate error in mosDBTable::checkin method

# Removed $migrate global in mosDBTable::store method

# Fixed some MySQL 5 issues (still very unreliable)

+ Component may force frontend application to include joomla.javascript.js by:

$mainframe->set( 'joomlaJavascript', 1 );

01-Dec-2005 Andrew Eddie

# Fixed limit error in sections search bot

# Bug in gacl_api::add_group query [c/o Mambo bug #8199]

# Search highlighting fails when a "?" is entered [c/o Mambo bug #8260]

30-Nov-2005 Emir Sakic

+ Added 404 handling for missing content and components

+ Added 404 handling to SEF for unknown files

30-Nov-2005 Andrew Eddie

# Site templates allowed to have custom index2.php (fixes problems where custom code is required in index2)

29-Nov-2005 Andrew Eddie

# Fixed artf2258 : Parameter tooltips missing in 1.0.4

28-Nov-2005 Andrew Eddie

# Fixed artf2329 : mosMainFrame::getBasePath refers to non-existant JFile class.

# Fixed artf2246 : Error in frontend.html.php

# Fixed artf2190 : mod_poll.php modification

# Fixed artf2292 : [WITH FIX] Sql query missing hits

24-Nov-2005 Emir Sakic

# Fixed artf2225 : Email / Print redirects to homepage

# Fixed artf1705 : Not same URL for same item : duplicate content

23-Nov-2005 Johan Janssens

# Fixed : Content Finish Publishing & not authorized

22-Nov-2005 Marko Schmuck

# Fixed artf2240 : 1.0.4 URL encoding entire frontend?

# Fixed artf2222 : ampReplace in content.html.php

+ Versioncheck for new_link parameter for mysql_connect.

22-Nov-2005 Levis Bisson

# Fixed artf2221 : 1.0.4: includes/database.php faulty on PHP < 4.2.0

# Fixed artf2219 : Bug in pageNavigation.php - added "if not define _PN_LT or _PN_RT"

22-Nov-2005 Johan Janssens

# Fixed artf2224 : Problem with Media Manager

# Fixed : Can't create new folders in media manager

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