Expose Flash Gallery
Thursday, 05 October 2006
Expose ist eine auf Flash basierende Galerie-Komponente für Joomla. Unterstützt werden neben der Darstellung von Bildern auch Videos im .flv (Flash Video) Format.
Den Download bitte erst entpacken, darin enthalten sind die Komponente, ein Scroller-Modul und die Dokumentation zur Expose Gallery.
  • Fixed check_system bug on checking writable files
  • Fixed typos in check_system (config.xml instead of settings.xml)
  • Removed iframe from manager in admin.expose.html + created manager.html.php
  • Rewrite configuration and fonts config page into tabbed page + selectionboxes
  • Updated php file header information
  • Removed old SEF workaround, and applied true SEF routines (currently only works on apache with mod_rewrite enabled)
  • Code modifs to make Expose install and function for Joomla 1.0.x and 1.5 with one and the same package
  • Added redirection to Wiki and Download pages at JoomlaCode.org
  • Fixed some xhtml errors in expose.html and manager.html (&)
  • Added Romanian language
  • Video playback problems due wrong path in expose.html: baseVideoURL
  • Code cleanup common.inc.php (removed ending tabs and spaces)
  • Code cleanup showpic.html (added missing span end tag L171)
  • Added <noscript> code to expose.html.php (Expose now runs pationally without JavaScript enabled)
  • Rewrite xml settings lookup in expose.html.php getxml()
  • Cleanup expose.html
 Download Expose Flash Gallery 4.6.3 Alpha3c
Dateititel:Expose Flash Gallery 4.6.3 Alpha3c
Dateiversion:4.6.3 Alpha3c
Datei Autor:Josh Steinthor
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