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Wednesday, 08 August 2007
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pet portraits:

  Beautiful! I was working on some shopping sites and used this template for my presentation. My boss complemented me for my work. He said it was perfect because everything fitted perfectly.
07 Jan 2008 06:16


  These are all fantastic templates, with colors that absolutely pop off the page. I downloaded the Redberry, primarily because that color seemed the brightest, and I expect it will work as a strong draw for my subscribers. However, all three of these color templates are really strong. How much change is possible within the pre-existing structure of the template. Put another way, how easy would it be for me to tinker with some of the various aspects of it? I really like it, but I am a strong believer in the notion that a web page should be a totally individual expression of the author?s personality, and not merely in the sense of content. The look should also be very individualized. And while I recognize that there are billions of pages out there, and the likelihood of someone coming across two that are the same is pretty slim. Even so, I feel that individuality is one of the things the web is really built for, and not to use it would be a mistake.
09 Aug 2007 01:50

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