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Wednesday, 07 February 2007
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  Thank you Günzi for the tip........
I did download the flash file and is very good one.
There are more effects that you can chose inside this fla file. And you can play as many photos as you want via xml file.
Is true that is very cheap for this nice template.
09 Feb 2007 01:45


  You can download the necessary flash file (but you have to pay 14.99 ? for it) at http://www.olwebdesign.com/ind...Itemid=104

But I think this is a very small amount for a phantastic template.
08 Feb 2007 13:16


  nice design again from olwebdesign. Anyone knows how to change the top flash? Instead of olwebdesign to write the name of actual website.
Good template
07 Feb 2007 10:59

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