Tuesday, 08 April 2008
Mit dem FunkySlide Modul lassen sich Beiträge oder Module (unter Angabe der ID) per Klick in einem Fenster darstellen, welches sich mit einem Slide-Effekt öffnet.
Version 1.1.0
  • Added a "close all other sliders on open" option.
  • Added full language support
  • Added ability to change the z-index
  • Fixed issue with conflict with content plugins (on articles in FunkySlide!)
  • Fixed issue with centering handle text if only one arrow is displayed
  • Fixed issue with code not being XML compliant
  • Fixed issue with opacity in IE
  • Fixed issue with the 'jumping' of the handle in IE
  • Fixed styling issue with handles in IE6
 Download FunkySlide 1.1.0
Dateititel:FunkySlide 1.1.0
Datei Autor:Peter van Westen
Datei Homepage:Klick zur Anzeige  

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