Simple Video Flash Player
Friday, 27 May 2011

Dieses Modul ist ein einfacher Flash Video Player für Joomla 1.5.x und basiert auf den JW Player. Es ist sehr leicht zu bedienen!


  • Spielt einzelne Videos von einer URL oder mehrere Videos aus einer XML Playlist ab
  • Unterstützung folgender Formate FLV, MP4, MP3, AAC, JPG, PNG, GIF und YouTube Videos
  • Player (Version 5.6)
  • Player-Einstellungen
  • Playlist-Einstellungen
  • Vorschaubild
  • Fallback-Image
  • Verlinkung auf eine externe Seite
  • Autostart-Einstellungen
  • Shuffle-Einstellungen
  • Repeat-Einstellungen
  • Controllbar-Einstellungen
  • Skin-Einstellung
  • Plugin-Einstellung
  • Farbeinstellungen (Neu)
  • Stretching-Einstellung (Neu)
  • Streamer-Einstellung (Neu)
Version 1.6.5
  • Player Update (Version 5.6)
  • Update Funktion auf JW Embedder kein SWFObject
  • Farbeeinstellungen (backcolor, screencolor, lightcolor, frontcolor)
  • Stretching-Einstellung
  • Streamer-Einstellung
  • IE9 Update
  • IE Bugfix
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Datei Autor:time2online
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  can i add movie from local drive?
20 Dec 2012 14:30


  Hi great extension for Joomla, but how do I position the module in an article (i guessed Iframe), but what to write to insert it [something] ?
20 Oct 2011 11:31


  Hab das jetzt runtergeladen und in den Ordner Module reingetan. Was muss ich jetzt machen? :(
03 Jun 2011 12:03


  Ja super Modul und kein IE Fehler :)
27 May 2011 17:55


  not bad, this here too
28 Dec 2010 12:18


  hi zusammen ich habe mir den player auf die hp insterliert nur wie bekomme ich jetzt ein bild auf die hp was muss in Date und was in Stream URL rein danke für die hilfe
27 Sep 2010 23:32


  ich bekomme keine youtube url einbebunden und mein englisch ist so gut, das ich verstehen kann. kann mir jemand helfen?
21 Aug 2010 18:22


  Great extension!!
But i have an error 2032 on my website:

I don't know why??

I use the feeds of youtube:

Help me please!

Sorry i am french and i speak a few english

12 Aug 2010 04:46


  Why it asks to Get flash player in IE8? It works fine with Firefox,Chrome,Opera and Safari but in IE8 I am always getting message to intall flash player. Anyone?
23 Jun 2010 15:02


  wie kann ich dieses Modul in einen Beitrag einbinden?
Ich schaffe es nur, dieses auf einer Mudolposition anzuzeigen.

Kann mir jemand helfen????

17 Jun 2010 09:09


  I think.. it's nice... but I've no displayed the player on my firefox.. there are show me "Get the Flash Player to see this player" but I've installed flash player..
11 Jun 2010 08:56


  Very nice module, but can someone tell me what hidden links are included?That is note from Joomla extension gallery.
02 Jun 2010 15:22


  Hey i dont know German but wat i want to say i have not tried the module. I have just downloaded and when i try i will try it thenk for you concern to develop this component
27 May 2010 20:49


  i´ve next error: "Error #2048" somebody could help me
26 May 2010 00:46

XML Playlist:

3. How can i create a XML playlist?

Look to the specification an examples!
16 Feb 2010 11:12

Pradip Burman:

  Hi sir,

I am one of the user of your module Simple Video Flash Player but i am facing problem to create my own playlist xml file in this module. Can anybody help me how i can create my own playlist from xml file ??

12 Feb 2010 19:40


  how can i embed a video on specific page in my site ? I know the file url .What-s the code that i need to use ? 10x and sorry for my bad english
01 Feb 2010 18:32


  I need visualization of the first frame for my presentation by this module. My image files are file.jpg, file.png but nothing happened...
What is wrong I do not understand. Is there anybody with the same problem?
25 Jan 2010 19:08

Edmark harold:

  Wow!!!! its cool

08 Dec 2009 04:20


  great job bro, thanks
06 Dec 2009 02:00

How can i create a youtube playlist?:

  Go to the Youtube APIs and Tools page

-click playlist get
-add your youtube playlist id (look at your youtube account)
-click submit
19 Nov 2009 16:52


  I works excellent for one single video! I would like to to add a youtube playlist, i don't know how? Can somebody explaine how to do this, please!
30 Oct 2009 17:46


  habe den film mit ftp an meiner Server hochgeladen. aber ich bekomme es nicht hin was mus ich machen oder wie muss ich den modul einstellen damit ich den film gezegt bekomme??
26 Oct 2009 22:02


  No matter what I do, I continue to receive Error #2036 when I click "play".
05 Sep 2009 00:08


  I, too, would like to disable the control bar. Can that be done in the code.
01 Sep 2009 16:18


  Hello, I like it but I miss one option. How can I disable the controll-panel of the player. I want to play some Flash Videos (playlist) in my banner section in the Head of my website?
20 Jul 2009 08:39


  wie kann ich denn das file in joomla einbinden?
in etwa: test.mp3
13 Jul 2009 15:40 - RycoDePsyco:

  Sehe ich das richtig das der "Flash Player" kein *.swf (Flashfilm), *.wma, *.wmv, *.mpeg, *.divx, *.xvid und *.avi unterstützt. ^^
18 Jun 2009 16:51

  Bugfix version 1.6

-fix playlistsize (Thanks to Piet
-IE fix (Thanks to

Tested with rhuk_milkyway-Template (Firefox3, IE6, IE7, IE8).
17 Jun 2009 15:45


  Hallo Thomas kannst du dein Code an den Entwickler zusenden.

Email: Diese E-Mail Adresse ist gegen Spam Bots geschützt, Sie müssen Javascript aktivieren, damit Sie es sehen können

Dann haben in Zukunft die neuen Benutzer keine Probleme.
02 Jun 2009 14:07


  HINWEIS!!! Im IE gibt es einen Bug, dieser lässt sich aber wie folgt beheben:

1. mod_simple_video_flash_player.php öffnen
2. In Zeile 100 gehen und



Viel Spaß, danach geht es einwandfrei :)
29 May 2009 01:09

Modules in Content:

Try this extension to put a module in the article
25 Apr 2009 23:37

Thano - Oxford UK:

  Great player, however playlist doesn't resize properly when the playlist is set to right.
22 Apr 2009 20:37


  how preview image url ?
i gine file image .jpg, but not reason...

20 Apr 2009 12:05


  how to put the video player in the article not in the right or left side bar?
16 Apr 2009 12:12



this module is escellebt, but there's a bug with IE
I use Joomla 1.5.9.

Does anyone know how to fix it ?
06 Apr 2009 12:06

Oliver Mo:

  This works very very nice with one video. But I'm having a problem when I put my feed.
Nothing shows and the players displays error 2048

My test feed is at http://www.rtstechnologygroup..../index.xml

I don't get why.

Thanks for your help
19 Mar 2009 22:29

  How i create a youtube-playlist?

1. Take the id from your youtube playlist "FAA21FD826F1E0ED"
(for example

2. And add the playlist id in this feed url

17 Mar 2009 13:57


  Hi, the install was nice and simple.
However, I have 2 issues.

1. How do I CENTER this in the center of the module. I have it published in the RIGHT module position, but it wings off to the right.

2. I do not understand at all how to use the multi-video player by using the videos within my youtube channel.
16 Mar 2009 22:57



perfect player! really love it!

one thing I can't sort it out: IE in windows vista won't close properly, showed script error:

"Object doesn't support this property or method!"

I am currently playing youtube favourite videos as a playerlist on my page. it works perfectly fine with other browsers!

Please can you help? or anyone?

really appreciate it!
02 Mar 2009 14:56


  Very, very nice and easy. Thanks a lot!
02 Mar 2009 03:10

Pedja Serbia:

28 Feb 2009 18:42

Rafik (Indonesia):

  Thx's verrymuch for this module,I like it...!
get to my site :
19 Feb 2009 01:17


  Hi.. thanks for the module. it's nice..

18 Feb 2009 04:29


  it works fine! ie too. thank you for this excellent module! congratulation!
03 Feb 2009 23:25

problem with IE:

  when i enable the module, the internet explorer says that he cannot open the page.
03 Feb 2009 22:53

Sauvage (Paris):

  Excellent job a "kein problem" module, easy and simple. To help newbies in rss and xml stuff (to create the link to multiple sources), may I suggest to visit :
copy/paste et voila, you are on the air, guys!
31 Jan 2009 10:46

Tonio - fron Lecce - Italy:

  This is the best videogallery Yes thanks
25 Jan 2009 00:50

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