Editor TMEdit Joomla 1.5
Thursday, 25 June 2009
TMEdit ist ein kostenloser Online WYSIWYG Editor für Joomla! ab Version 1.5.
Bereits im Download enthalten sind:
  • Smilies-Plugin
  • CSS-Plugin
  • Bilder-Manager
  • Datei-Manager
  • CSS-Echtzeit-Vorschau.
Version 1.2
  • Changed license to GNU/GPL v2.0
  • Added Safari browser support
  • Improved undo/redo functionality
  • Removed redundantly loaded scripts
  • Improved loading sequence
  • Updated help file
  • Fixed IE context menu bug
  • Fixed icon path in file manager
  • Converted html and script files to UTF-8 charset
  • Set loading charset for scripts to UTF-8
  • Added character encoding meta tags to html popups
  • Removed popupwin.js as it was deprecated
  • Fixed a bug in language file of context menu plugin
  • Reverted back to English as current main language
  • Adjusted editor size
  • Removed deprecated functions in core file
  • Added namespaced array for scripts
  • Added load event manager to handle window.onload
  • Removed deprecated/proprietary defer attribute
  • Updated CSS
  • Rebrushed look of editor
  • Fixed display of context menu
  • Updated some icons
  • Removed unnecessary/deprecated files from installer
  • Cleaned up installer XML manifest
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