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Foren-Komponente für Joomla. Joomlaboard ist eine Weiterentwicklung des Simpleboards und kompatibel zu Joomla 1.0.x.
Version 1.1.5  
+ = added, - = removed, f = fixed, r = refactored
  • r: riba - it is now impossible to create community builder database fields multiple times
  • +: riba - added Forum Stats option (contributed by Soner Ekici from
  • +: riba - avatars now link to Clexus or Community Builder user profile
  • +: progster - added support for pms enhanced
  • -: progster - removed unused sbMail class
  • f: riba - fixed layout problems in admin backend, showcat.php and view.php
  • f: progster - removed redundant hasPostPermission() from post.php (sb_has_post_permission is now used)
  • f: progster - fixed some notices in post.php and write.html.php
  • f: progster - fixed artf4953 : [/code] breaks the div
  • f: progster - fixed artf1407 : Style of "Mark this Forum read" vs. "Mark all Forums read"
  • f: progster -fixed most notices in view.php and thread.php
  • f: progster - fixed some small things (notices) in search.class.php
  • f: progster - fixed error in query in latestx.php
  • r: progster - introduced the constant jb_iconpath
  • f: iapostolov - fixed minor GUI issues
  • f: progster - fixed artf7215 : Incorrect path to smilie
  • f: progster - fixed artf6849 : empty cells if 'mark topic as new' is off
  • f: progster - fixed artf7111 : Version 1.1.4 Locked Forum Bug
  • f: progster - fixed some small errors in default & d_blue template
  • f: progster - fixed error in avatar_upload, user can now select avatar from subdirectory again!
  • +: progster - added support for missus pms
  • f: progster - added function to sb_layout jb_get_link(), adapted view.php to use it
  • r: progster - made database upgrades automatic, refactored install file
  • r: progster - configuration is now saved in database (cached in joomlaboard_config.php)
  • +: progster - added support for jim pms
  • f: progster - fixed artf5421 : Warning in foreach (view.php, line 531)
  • f: progster - fixed artf1408 : Unread Postings in threaded view
  • -: progster - removed support for (defunct) badwords component, support for badwords2 is available via
  • f: progster - fixed bug in saveCss()
  • r: progster - replaced path and lang variables with constants in admin.joomlaboard.php
  • f: progster - changed 'join' to 'left join' in view.php,moderate_messages.php and search.class.php for compatibility with mysql 3.23.x
  • f: progster - fixed errors in showcat.php,view.php regarding permissions
  • f: progster - fixed error in sb_permissions.php, read permissions with recursion should work ok now!
  • f: progster - removed legacy sb_auth class
  • f: progster - fixed artf4303 : Permissions not checked on PDF creation
  • f: progster - fixed error in jbCategory (category.class.php)
  • f: progster - fixed error in get_menu, reply link should now work
  • r: progster - cleaned up session management code
  • f: progster - applied sql optimisations suggested by beat
  • f: progster - fixed artf6019 Wrong results from "show latest posts"
  • f: progster - fixed artf6829 Live URL displayed by icons in view.php 
21 Feb 2007
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Two Shoes M-Factory
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