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Easy Gallery ist eine einfache Galerie-Komponente mit Kommentarfunktion für Joomla. Unterstützt wird die Erstellung von Kategorien sowie Unterkategorien. Der Upload erfolgt über das Backend per FTP. Die Generierung von Thumbnails erfolgt automatisch.
Beta 4 
  • fixed image description
  • added update check
  • changed version number
  • added check for leading slash in FTP path
  • added cat header translation
  • added check for leading slash
  • fixed false check issue
  • remove toolbar buttons on update check
  • added file existence check in FTP mode as well
  • changed url to website
  • added dutch language
  • made it possible to use more than one xajax instance on a page
  • added Easy Comment integration
  • fixed several notices
  • added resized image to avoid slow loads with very large source images
  • changed directory check to php alternative
  • fixed notice when no category selected
  • changed javascript resize to php scaling
  • added tmp fix for not existing resized images
  • fixed double declared error with easycomment
  • moved navigation above easy comment
  • fixed ordering when image will be deleted
  • added slimbox
  • added frontend photo management
  • added frontend category management
  • removed template system
  • delete original image as well
  • display category add button on index as well
  • fixed original image upload with FTP off
  • added file_exists check on original and resized image when removing an image
  • enlarge image when clicking on it
  • pattemplate
  • Fixed bug: arbitrary PHP Code inclusion into configuration.php if magic_quotes_gpc was switched off
  • Fixed bug: check if uploaded "files" from a zip file are actually a file.
  • All calls to chmod() have been converted to mosChmod(), thus obeying the settings from Joomla!'s configuration.php, instead of 0777!
  • Fixed bug: check if uploaded "files" from a zip file are actually a file.
  • Calculation of Size of the image is done in PHP rather than JavaScript
  • Display number of added files after uploading a zip archive
  • Removed "List Length" option from configuration dialog. Use "Thumbnail Rows" and "Thumbnails per Row" instead"
  • Added possibility to specify number of Rows per Page and Number of Images per Row
  • Added the ability to manage unpublished items from the frontend as well 
Beta 3 
+ added powered by line
# reference to invalid field name on category delete
^ split up header texts on category and first page
# fix category access levels
# fix issue with resizing original files on directory scan
^ different title on category overview page
^ sorting files by name during uploading
+ pick your category image in stead of auto assigning one
+ category filter in category manager
^ changed photo description to WYSIWYG area
# fixed category pagination
# fixed by deleting image where file does not exist
^ open large image in popup
+ added page navigation on photo's
^ build in custom list limit
^ changed default list limit
^ moved navigation to template
+ added the ability to enter a name on image upload
^ changed version number
# fixed update statements
# fixed image description 
Beta 2 
This is the changelog:
#fixed large image scaling when image not cached
#fixed issue with the uploading of a zip archive
#fixed resize issue when height is larger then width
#fixed pathway for subcategories
#fixed prefix on installation
#fixed pagination on photo page
^changed default thumbnail height to fix layout mess-up
+added ftp disabled mode
+added various error message to give better notice of what's going wrong during upload
+create separate directories for each category
#fixed timeout with large zips and directories 
06 Jul 2007
Datei Autor:
Adam van Dongen
1.0 beta 5
125.00 Kb
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