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Diese Bridge integriert das phpBB3 Forum in eine Joomla 1.5 Website. Eine Installationsanleitung und weitere Informationen gibt es hier.
Version 1.0 RC14
  • Fix for numeric usernames
  • Better handling of empty bridge/distribution folders
  • Checks for various edge cases and installation combinations
  • Moved admin to MVC architecture

Version 1.0 RC13
  • Fix for SDI issue
  • Fixed Re: issue in latest posts module
  • Fixed live_site working with bridge site
Version 1.0 RC 12
  • Fixed Re: issue in latest posts module
  • Fixed live_site workign with bridge site
  • Refreshed Admin UI with new images and css
  • Bug fixes for default config options
  • Fixed exclude and include bug in latest posts module
  • Speeded up Latest Active Topics query for latest posts module
  • Added indexes install option to admin
  • Auto-saves default configuration on first run.
  • Changed patch process to take into account > 3.0.5 not needing as much patching
  • Added auto-setting of auth method in phpBB3 when applying/removing auth plugin
  • Fixed phpbb 3.0.6RC1 style compatibility
Version 1.0 RC 11
  • Added ability to toggle Bridge or Sync style links in modules/menu
  • Added new Members Module - Support Latest Members, Top Members, and Online Members
  • Added default avatar functionality to login module
  • Fixed a translation problem in login module
  • Fixed remote avatars in modules functionality
11 Nov 2010
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1.0 RC 14
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