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RokDownloads ist eine Komponente für Joomla 1.5 mit dessen Hilfe Dateien, kategorisch geordnet, zum Download angeboten werden können.

Version 1.0.1
  • Diese Version behebt eine Sicherheitslücke. Ein Update sollte dringend vorgenommen werden.
Version 1.0
  • Fix for controller url exploit
  • Fixed folder/file rename not working
Version 1.0b9 Beta
  • Fixed corruption of Uploader jar file
Version 1.0b8 Beta
  • Fix for moving of folders and files
  • Fixed RokDownloads button on front end
  • Added size adjustment when saving a file
  • Moved to new install system
  • Fixed move of file and folder bug from within the edit form.
Version 1.0b7
  • Fixed router for downloads from file type menu items under SEF
  • Changed all internal pathing to be / based instead of local platform.  These changes should fix the file already exisits error on bad paths and duplicate file entry creation.
  • Added conversion to unified path on install
  • Fixed inconsistent line endings on directory paths 
Version 1.0b6
  • Fixed download lockup on bad permissions files
  • Fixed Missing path directory seperators that caused duplicate files
  • Changed router for better SEO handeling
  • Fixed uninstall warnings
Version 1.0b5
  • Fixed SEF issues with File view
  • Fixed File view options not working.
Version 1.0b4
  • Fixed content plugin to support selecting text in tinyMCE, JCE, RokPad, and None.
  • Fixed content plugin for the link into editors.
  • Fixed display of Downloads button when "Show Download Button on No Access" is set to Hide
  • Cleaned up Search plugin.
Version 1.0 Beta 3
  • Added Sorting on menu items of subfolders and files
  • Fixed Plugin uninstall issue
  • Added message for no menu items to content plugin
  • Fixed trashed menu items showing up in content plugin
Version 1.0 Beta 2
  • Minor bug fix to editor button
Version 1.0b1
  • Removed extraneous xdebug statement
  • Added RokDownloads Link Content Plugin and Button Plugin  
  • Minor language fix
  • Fixed Plugin support and event support for Folder display.
  • Cleaned up Display name output for Aliases and Slugs
  • Removed stray pass by reference in install
Version 0.96a
  • Fixed file count bug on front end
  • Added check to make sure downloads root folder exists.
  • Added Java Based Uploader
  • Fixed parent folder for edit of file/folder
  • Added table locking to file edits to hopefully stop duplicate files on edit
  • Fixed performance on front end for larger directory lists.
  • Moved custom params to administrator/components/com_rokdownloads/custom_params.xml
  • Moved default thumbs and thumbs folder to under images/rokdownload_thumbs
  • Added RSS/ATOM feed capability to folders menu items.
  • Added rokversions table install to track product versions
  • Added metadata support and upgraded the rokdownloads table to support it.
  • Added check on set_time_limit to remove warning for safe mode runs
  • Added manual changing of created date/modified date/downloads count
Version 0.95a
  • Fixed backwards create table sql compatability for mysql4
  • Added Module and Plugin translations
  • Added correct section to search plugin results
  • Changed Date format for modules and component
  • Fixed content plugin access to folder/file text
  • Moved to a text only on folder and file detail view (No split intro and full)
  • Added seperate control of File list view fields versus file detail view fields on the Folder view
  • Added support for non flash uploader
  • fixed thumbnail icons for non root based installations
  • Changed Icons for Folder publish state
  • Added setable default folder and file icons.
  • Added plugins to install and uninstall in batch with component
  • Added created and modified dates/times to modules
  • Changed install to more programatic method.
  • Added modules to install as batch with component
  • Added uninstall for modules as batch with component
  • Changed download flushing to hopefully fix mem error on large downloads
  • Fixed SEF usage with joomla .htaccess mod_rewrite
  • Fixed usage of "jos" prefixed tables in queries.
  • Fixed SEF links to remove spaces
  • Changed the was File and Folder access levels work. File access levels now mean Access To Download While Folder access level means Access to Display
Version 0.94a
  • Fixed "Fatal error: Only variables can be passed by reference in" errors
  • Fixed spelling issues
  • Fixed ignoring of index.html index.htm .htaccess files
  • Added Apply button to folder and edit form.
  • Fixed File and Folder labeling in edit form.
  • Fixed Download Button lanuage entries.
  • Removed Spacers from Parameter rendering on front end
  • Fixed SEF routing issues and naming.
  • Removed unused css field form menu options
17 Mar 2010
Datei Autor:
Brian Towles
557.52 Kb
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