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Phoca Download ist eine Komponente mit der Dateien zum Download angeboten werden können. Auf der Startseite werden alle angelegten Bereiche und Kategorien übersichtlich dargestellt. Des Weiteren wird darunter eine Statistik angezeigt, welche die meist heruntergeladenen Dateien auflistet. Öffnet man eine Kategorie, sind darunter alle zur Verfügung stehenden Downloads aufgeführt.


Version 1.3.9
  • Added clone button for files -  thanks to Roland Dalmulder from CSV Improved.
  • Fixed minor bugs in User view in administration
Version 1.3.8
  • Fixed CSS (removed unclosed comment tag)
  • Removed duplicated entries in language files
  • Fixed upload rights for play and preview files
  • TYPE changed to ENGINE in SQL queries.
Version 1.3.7
  • In this version, new parameter "Iconv Alias" was added. Disabling Iconv Alias parameter allows creating proper alias name for some specific languages
Version 1.3.6
  • Updated Flow Player to newest version
  • Added new blue theme (CSS + default_blue template view - can be selected in parameters) which includes tableless design.
  • Added support of reading the file in chunks
Version 1.3.5
  • Added new parameter: Send Email (Download) - if file will be downloaded, email can be sent to selected user
  • Added new parameter: Send Email (Upload) - if file will be uploaded, email can be sent to selected user
  • Category rights: Accessing of category (and files in the category) can be set for different users. If access rights for a category will be set for "registered" it can be more specified (specific users who will have rights to access the category and its files can be selected)
  • Fixed the publishing date problem
  • Changed modules to accept Category Access behaviour.
Version 1.3.4 Beta
  • Added Description field to display description on the frontend site - in Sections View
  • Added Breadcrumbs support
  • Fixed bug in feed view (text only items were displayed)
  • Fixed javascript in Files - Text Only view to display this view correctly in IE browsers
  • Custom icon can be displayed next to file name in Phoca Download Plugin
  • Added count id to Phoca Download Plugin so there is no problem to e.g. play different files in case more than one article is displayed on the site
  • Changed code in route.php to get no warning on some servers in case the itemid doesn't exist
  • Added new feature - setting Start and Finish Publishing of file (active, pending, expired file).
Version 1.3.3
  • button link to external files in File View fixed
  • added code for properly displaying of Flow player in IE
Version 1.3.2
  • Option to create menu link to Section View added
  • Option to create menu link to Category View added
  • Option to create menu link to File View added
  • New route library, because of possibility to have different views, added (All these features were added by codejunkie. Thank you for them)
  • Integration with JComments - Category Commenting
  • Integration with JComments - File Commenting.
  • Date of files can be changed automatically (the date can be taken from the database or from the file with help of filemtime, filectime, fileatime function)
  • Fixed bug with pagination if Section, Category or File menu link will be created
  • Solved SQL bug with getting information about user category in frontend
  • Fixed problem with columns count if description will be displayed
  • Background #ffffff changed to transparent in main CSS file
  • Fixed SEF (Itemid) in frontend in UCP
  • Login and Redirection behaviour changed - If some file is assigned to registered users only and user is not logged in, the login form will be displayed. After logging in, the site will be redirect back to Phoca Download category resp. file view.
  • File View changed - now detail information can be displayed in File View too.
  • Added Meta Keywords to component, section, category and file
  • Added Meta Description to component, section, category and file.
Version 1.2.0
  • Phoca Download folder will be created with permissions set to 755
  • Fixed minor bugs in template
  • Fixed ordering issue of categories in administration.
Version 1.2.0 Beta   
  • Fixed problem with loading data which will be needed for using with Joom!fish component
  • Added two input fields for specific icons. Now the file can include specific icons and these icons can be displayed next to this file (in frontend)
  • Added new CSS file
  • Added new button design (standard buttons or buttons with rounded corners - both can be designed/changed in CSS)
  • Added Play function. Play button can be displayed next to file, so MP3, MP4 and FLV files can be played, see demo
  • Added Preview function. Preview button can be displayed next to file, so PDF, JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF files can be previewed, see demo
  • Preview and Play can be displayed in Standard Popup Window or in Modal Box
  • Up icons (icon which links from file to category, from category to section, from section to sections) can be hidden, so you can create a link directly to e.g. file list (with using of alias menu link in Joomla!) without any problems which can occur with using of SEF (Itemid problem)
  • You can set the size of file icon now (16px, 32px, 48px, 64px)
Version 1.1.0 Beta
  • Licenses and license agreement (you can add license texts into Phoca Download and you can require license agreement before downloading a file)
  • Pagination added (in frontend)
  • You can set own values for Pagination default value and Pagination values parameters
  • Pagination problems in administrator area were fixed
  • Files can be displayed for all users but downloaded only by registered users
  • You can set absolute path for files. It means that the files can be stored outside the public_html folder on your server
  • Ordering behaviour added. You can set how Sections, Categories and Files will be ordered (by Ordering, Id, Date, Title)
  • New parameters added: Display Number of Documents in Sections and Display Number of Documents in Sections Header
Version 1.0.6
  • New parameter added: Display or hide most download files
  • Bug with clear:both in sections view fixed
  • New link added in administration. Link to User Statistics where you can see list of users and count of downloaded files by users
  • Count of categories / Count of files is now displayed next to section name in sections view.
Version 1.0.5
  • fixed bug in view (html bug)
  • fixed bug with mime types - was not correctly rendered in header("Content-Type: " . (string)$mimeType);
New features:
  • Description can be displayed:
    • in the top (over the filename)
    • in the bottom (below the filename)
    • in overlib
    • in the top and in overlib
    • in the bottom and in overlib
    • in the top with other detail information
    • in the bottom with other detail information
  • Detail button can be hidden
  • Direct link parameter was added, the link to the file can be added as direct link
  • Added new parameter - NEW icon, user can set the number of days. During these days NEW icon will be displayed for the file.
  • Added new parameter - HOT icon, user can set the number of downloads. After reaching this number of downloads HOT icon will be displayed for the file.
  • Added new template design (with rounded corners).
11 Jul 2011
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Jan Pavelka
1.3.9 Stable
496.25 Kb
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