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Mit dem Faq Slider Plugin lassen sich alle Beiträge einer Kategorie per Tabs oder mit einem Slide-Effekt öffnen. Ideal um z.B einen FAQ-Bereich zu erstellen.

Version 0.9 RC5.1
  • Fixed bug with start sliders open/closed parameter
  • Prevented fatal error if DOMDocument not available
Version 0.9RC4
  • Fix for "all closed" on initial display with native sliders
Version 0.9RC3
  • Fix for missing section and category titles and links in article view
  • Fix for missing parameter over-rides for linkable section and category titles
Version 0.9 RC2
  • Added slider selection using ?faqslider=n or &faqslider=n (insert into URL as per faqtab) Can be used in combination with faqtab. E.g. http://www.trafalgardesign.com/faqs/plugin-faqs?faqtab=1&faqslider=9. Please note: n starts at 0 and is counted from the first slider on the page. So if 3 sliders in the first tab, second tabs sliders start from 3...
  • Fix to remove   from certain commands that can be added by WYSIWYG editors
Version 0.9RC1
  • Minor bugfixes
Version 0.9 Beta 8
  • Changed the article layout to not insert a blank content table at the top of articles when not showing the title
  • Changed articles to show created date when there is no modified date and set to display modified date
Version 0.9 Beta 7
  • Fixed broken article view parameters - you will need to re-save parameters if you have changed the default setting for article view parameters.
Version 0.9 Beta 6
  • Fixed broken simple options e.g. {faq tabs}....{/faq}
  • Fixed some backward compatibility issues when improper syntax used
Version 0.9 Beta 3
  • Added ability to specify id's for section/category/article/module
  • Added ability to specify a series of article or modules to insert in tabs/sliders or as is. Comma separated list where title would have been. Minor addition to syntax to achieve this. Can be used as follows: {faq art/insert/sliders}1,2,3{/faq} or {faq mod/insert/tabs}latest news,login{/faq}
  • Added ability to show article text without slider when there is only one article in a category when in section mode
  • Massive improvement in speed and made much more lightweight
  • Cleaning up of article processing - now supports article layout for output without content plugins
  • Further debugging improvements
  • 3rd party SEF component friendly (sh404SEF, JoomSEF tested)
Version 0.8 Beta
  • New shorthand for using plugin {faq}category name{/faq} - don't worry - all your old syntax will still work!
  • New option to process content plugins - this can be used on the fly with inline content too. For normal use set in the admin backend. For inline use {faq inline/tabs/plugins}content{/faq}
  • Much improved handling of read more links - can now be used in plain text mode.
  • Improved SEF url generation for read more links.
  • Lots of code refactoring.
Version 0.7.4
  • Ability to force exact match for any category/section/article/module title. Syntax is {faqslider source/type/option}title{/faqslider} Note the ==
  • Further debugging improvements
  • Bugfix for errors when using plugin in uncategorised articles
Version 0.7.3
  • Added ability to show expand/collapse all for section view (imperfect)
  • Added ordering parameter for modules in tabs/sliders

Version 0.7.2
  • Solved a problem where the plugin would not generate some types of tabs after initial installation unless the parameters had been saved in the admin backend.
Version 0.7.1
  • Added parameters to control category ordering when using the section mode
  • CSS error fix.
Version 0.7
  • Insert an entire section showing articles as sliders in category tabs (validated XHTML)
  • Ability to display category description when using section mode
  • Insert individual or sets of articles or modules by title
  • Ability to override chrome for individual modules
  • Ability to dynamically set which tab is in view on loading a page
  • Huge improvements in code efficiency and recoded some sections
  • Now all output from language file - ready for translations
  • Completed parameters including chrome for modules
  • Improved error reporting and added developer mode
  • CSS only for faqslider to improve performance across browsers, cannot directly inherit from template any more
Version 0.6.2
  • Ability to set parameters for the articles inserted into tabs/sliders such as "Show Title", "Show Author", "Show last modified" etc. Defaults to all hidden except last modified.
  • Ability to limit length of article in tabs/sliders and publish a Read More link
  • CSS styling for tab title and Read More link
  • Default is now to include article text only, not to process content plugins. This will reduce errors for basic users.
  • CSS optimised to make plugin more lightweight
  • Code optimisations for speed and efficiency
  • Fixed problem with FAQ Slider parameters bleeding over to the article containing the tabs/sliders - particularly noticed with headings that in certain circumstances could be reset to the value of the final article inserted into tabs/sliders
  • Added "nested" option to avoid unusual server error in some setups.
  • Improved code and efficiency.
Version 0.6
  • Changed syntax for inline usage to be easier and more reusable
  • Removed increment to hit count when displaying an article
  • Improved debugging facilities further
  • Improved readability plugin parameters
  • Stopped plugin from loading if article was in the category specified - stops server errors
  • Fixed odd behaviour with inline usage
Version 0.5
  • Added ability to create tabs and sliders from inline content
11 Nov 2010
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Matt Faulds
0.9 RC5.1
18.98 Kb
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