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Multimedia-Komponente zur Darstellung von Fotos, Video Dateien (alle gängigen Formate), mp3 Audiodateien und Dokumenten im Word und pdf Format.
2.5.1 RC4
Hinweise über Veränderungen gegenüber der Vorgängerversion findet man unter /docs/changelog.txt
2.5.1 RC3 WK51
  • Finnish language now included (thanks Sami Haaranen!!).
  • Fixed some mistakes I made with the UTF-8 fixes from wk50 (yes, typos).
  • Upgraded to JUpload v0.90 beta. Although it is a beta release, it is a HUGE improvement over the last version included with zOOM.
  • Rating stars fixed for all browsers, setups, and templates.
  • Built in JACLPlus support! No more need to patch the system!
  • Support for documents (such as PDF's fixed). Hotlinking is now ONLY applied to images, and the icon links directly to the document, so "show filename" can be turned off without issue
Build 20061217 
  • Full UTF-8 support! As long as your database collation is set to your language or UTF8, international characters are supported
  • Small issue resolved with the installer package
  • Small issue resolved with the hand icon when hovering over ratings
  • The "Optimize tables" function now also cleans the gallery manager tables to make sure no invalid characters occur.  
Build 20061215
  • UTF-8 compliance (internationalization)
  • Audio/ video files upload.
  • Added 4 complete translations: Informal German, Norwegian, Slovak and Spanish  
Version 2.5.1 RC3
  • New theme system with "Modern" and "Classic" layouts available* Reorganized settings and admin panel* JoomFish compatibility
  • Upgraded and enhanced MP3 player. The player is no longer reliant on an xml file
  • Completely revised gallery tree (see known issues)
  • Greatly improved support for openSEF and the default Joomla! SMF
  • Optional image hotlink protection
  • Fixed the zip and scan upload problems, as well as incompatibility problems with Joomla! 1.0.11
  • TONS of other bug fixes and small tweaks 
20 Feb 2007
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Mike de Boer
2.5.1 RC4 wk08
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